Congressman Says Toy Drives Need Help

Even though Texas has faired better than many states during the recession, there are still a lot of people hurting economically. Area agencies are seeing an increase in requests for aid and as Christmas approaches there is a greater need for holiday gifts for children. Rod Rice reports the an area congressman spent the day trying to highlight the struggle that agencies are experiencing this time of year.

"As a parent with two young kids I can't think of a worse feeling than not having toys under the Christmas tree that morning."

Rep. Kevin Brady made stops at several agencies today.  The first was Montgomery County Youth Services.

"We're being part of this toy drive and we're encouraging other families there's still plenty of time to identify a local toy drive and help out."

John Bracken is director of the agency.

"Every year we run what we call a holiday project and we sponsor kids that are part of our services and we're just seeing a tremendous increase in the number of request this year."

Bracken says when times are tougher than usual it's not just an increase in demand that's the problem.

"We are seeing a decrease in donations, probably about a 20% decrease in donations this year."

Brady also visited the Salvation Army and the Society of Samaritans in Magnolia to encourage those who can to find a local charity this holiday season and support it.

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