"Godless" Billboard Goes Up In North Houston

Drivers on one of the busiest roads in North Houston are now seeing a new billboard that asks "Don't Believe in God? You're Not Alone." The people who paid for the billboard say it's an effort to raise awareness for athiests and agnostics who might otherwise feel like they have nowhere to go. David Pitman reports.

The billboard was unveiled Tuesday evening along the westbound side of FM 1960 near Ella Boulevard.  It's sponsored by the Houston Freethought Alliance, with funding provided by the United Coalition of Reason.  The coalition's executive director, Fred Edwords, says the point is to let people who don't believe in god know that they can find others who think the same way.

"It's not aimed to criticize, or attack, or anything like that, traditional religious believers.  We're really not talking to them, we're talking to our own. And the rest of the community tends to recognize this as freedom of speech.  We have just as much of a right as anyone else to proclaim that we're here, and we have groups people can join."

Edwords says the timing of the billboard had nothing to do with Christmas being just two-and-half weeks away.

"Our billboard does not have a holiday theme.  So we're not trying to focus on the holidays.  But, it just so happens that at this time of year many of us do celebrate the holidays in the old-fashioned way."

Houston is the thirteenth city to see the "Don't Believe In God? You're Not Alone" billboard this year.  A similar sign was displayed in the Dallas area a few months ago, and Edwords says positive reaction far outweighed any negative response.  The billboard at 1960 and Ella will stay up for a month.

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