Arson Arrest Brings Partial Relief

Bail has been set for a man accused of starting at least one fire in the heights. But more than a dozen other arson cases remain unsolved — leaving residents in the area concerned the problem may not be over. Laurie Johnson reports.

Authorities arrested David Joseph Prince last week and charged him with one count of arson in connection with a
fire on 12th street in the Heights. But no charges have been filed for the 17 other fires set in the area.

Chris Silkwood is president of the Houston Heights Association. She says residents are relieved, but still worried.

"Until we really find out what this guy is indeed responsible for, and if he's responsible for more just the one fire on 12th street, everyone is still very concerned. And we have been wondering for a long time is this something that's being by a multiple of people, is it just one person that's moving over all of these areas?"

Houston Fire Department Arson investigators are looking into whether Prince is connected with the remaining cases.
But Silkwood says until they have answers, the association continues to send cautionary emails to the community.

"To urge them to continue to be vigilant, to keep their exterior lights on, to talk to their neighbors, to report anything that is suspicious, to write down drivers license numbers and to stay really aware and to not become complacent or apathetic about this in any way."

A judge set bail at $50,000 after Prince confessed to setting the September 17th fire in a vacant house on 12th street.

Laurie Johnson. KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.

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