Wednesday AM October 28th, 2009

Continental Airlines is now a member of the star alliance. Ed Mayberry reports.

Continental emblemThe transition includes code-sharing agreements that will help travelers with itineraries involving more than one airline.  As a result of joining the network, Continental OnePass members will be able to earn and redeem miles involving the other 24 Star Alliance member carriers.  Jaan Albrecht is CEO of the Star Alliance.

"As of today, customers can reach far more than 1,000 destinations in every corner of the globe.  As of today, customers are welcome in just under 1,000 lounges.  And as of today, the frequent flyers can collect status miles whenever they board one of our more than 19,500 daily flights.  I am proud to formally announce, on behalf of our chief executive board, that Continental is now a member of the Star Alliance." 

Continental president and COO Jeff Smisek says joining the Star Alliance is an important strategic move for the Houston-based air carrier—linking travelers with seamless travel to 169 countries.

"Not only will our move from Sky Team to Star Alliance benefit us financially, but will permit us to return to growth, which is good for our co-workers.  It will help as as we move on where we need to go, which is to profitability, where we must return to sustained and meaningful profitability.  And from profitability for our co-workers, all good things are sourced."  

The transition involved a 72-hour process of connecting to the Star Alliance data network for real-time alliance flight information.  It required revising 23 fare codes stored within over six million passenger reservation records, unifying customer service policies, as well as aircraft and airport sign replacement.  Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.


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