Thursday AM August 20th, 2009

Local business and political leaders will meet next month for a business summit that organizers hope will offer a glimpse into how the next 18 months will shape-up. Jack Williams reports.

The summit is sponsored by Houston's local University of Notre Dame alumni association and is set for September 11th. Harris County Judge Ed Emmett and Dallas Federal Reserve Bank-Houston Branch Senior Economist Bill Gilmer are some of the scheduled speakers. Guy Weismantel  is organizing the event.

"The whole idea was to focus on the 130 people who are there being able to communicate with these business and political leaders so that the person who is sitting in the audience could do a business plan for the next 18 months based on some hard data." 
The event will be held at the Federal Reserve Bank on Allen Parkway.

For more information, visit the Houston Business Summit information page.

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