New Long Term Acute Care Hospital

A new hospital is opening just north of the Texas Medical Center. Rod Rice reports that acuity hospital of Houston will take patients who no longer need critical care but still need long term acute care.

Acuity Hospital of Houston Acuity Hospital sits on the north side of Hermann Park not far from Almeda. The building had been a surgical center and for a time a group on medical center doctors tried to establish a long term hospital but that effort was hurt by Hurricane Ike. Those doctors then reached out to Acuity, which runs eight similar hospitals throughout the country.

Randy Johnson is Acuity Hospital of Houston's CEO.

"We take care of patients who are going to be in the hospital for a long period of time.  These patients have been in the intensive care units or special care units of the large medical center hospitals for quite some time. These are patients who may have large wounds, need to be on ventilators, may have had major trauma."

Acuity, when fully opened and fully staffed will have 70 beds and a staff of more than 400.  Johnson says it will help unclog the specialty units at the larger hospitals.

"This hospital focuses on taking care of critically ill patients and rehabbing them so they can be discharged to home, to a skilled care facility or to assisted living."

Johnson says in addition to the 70 beds, Acuity Hospital also has six surgical suites.

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