Friday AM July 10th, 2009

Job satisfaction among employed executives increased for the third consecutive year, according to a recent survey. ExecuNet surveyed more than 3,000 executives earning an average annual salary of $206,000, and 70 per cent are satisfied with their job, up from 61 per cent last year and 47 per cent in 2006.
image of ExecuNet logoExecuNet's Mark Anderson says satisfaction in sales is poorer than, for example, in finance and marketing.


"A lot of satisfaction comes from 'you're a survivor in a bad environment.'  Grass always looks greener where you are when there's a mudlot next to you.  We thinks sales is really the lowest because they're really closest to the marketplace and seeing, obviously, decline in many companies of sales levels.  People who were under more operating stress probably have lower levels of satisfaction."

Fulfillment seems to vary by function with sales, engineering and IT executives among the most likely to be unhappy at work.


"The downsizing has made them focus on retaining their absolute key talent, but not as broad-based or at least that's what we hear from the marketplace.  And we actually think that's going to lead to more issues of retention as the economy rebounds, which we expect it to be doing, and you know, in the latter part of this year." 

Leading up to the recession, companies were putting a greater emphasis on the retention of key talent.
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