The Backyard Grill Isn't Just for Meat

The 4th of July holiday weekend will no doubt includes a lot of backyard grilling. The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center says you can have a healthier holiday diet without giving up the grill. Rod Rice reports.

M.D. Anderson dietitian Vicki Piper suggests that the a healthier cookout menu should be one third meat and two thirds fruits, vegetables, whole grains or beans.

And she says some veggies grill up very nicely.

"Zucchini, grilled onions, grilled red peppers, all those are delicious ways that we can still have that flame broiled touch."

And Piper says fruits turn out tasty too.

"Pineapple's delicious, peaches and nectarines grill well, you just need kind of a firm fruit.  The grilling kind of caramelizes the sugar in fruits, so they actually, it enhances their sweetness."

As far as grilling red meat, Piper says the longer it stays on the grill the more carcinogens are produced. So, pre-cook meat a couple minutes inside first. She also says flipping meat regularly helps slow the development of carcinogens.

For more information, visit M.D. Anderson for other tips on healthier backyard cooking.

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