BP Agrees to Stop Illegal Emissions at Texas City Plant

Bp North America says it will reduce illegal emissions at its Texas City Plant after agreeing to a temporary injunction in an ongoing lawsuit filed by the Texas Attorney General's office. Jack Williams reports.

The agreement means BP will review more than 50 pollution violations cited in the lawsuit and improve air-monitoring systems. Matthew Tejada is with the Galveston-Houston Association for smog prevention. He says this could be the start of a new reality for companies like BP.  

"We're going to start looking at our very basic clean air laws in this region and we're going to start holding-up in one hand those clean air laws and in the other hand emissions, and when you do that for a lot of facilities, it's real obvious that for many years those facilities have been outside the bounds of the law and they're finally going to be help accountable for that." 

In a written statement, BP North America says, "It is working to fully resolve this matter in a way satisfactory to the state and to BP."

The company has not admitted liability or guilt. Meanwhile, the lawsuit will continue as the state looks to enforce the Texas Clean Air Act. 

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