Friday AM June 12th, 2009

A construction management company is hosting a seminar today about the new "LEED for healthcare" energy efficiency rating system for buildings. Ed Mayberry reports.
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Skanska USA Building is hosting the seminar to discuss the LEED energy efficiency rating system and its use in the green construction of hospitals and other healthcare facilities.  Skanska's Courtney Lorenz says there's a new updated system...  

"...which specifically looks at green building or sustainable design within the healthcare sector.  We just wantecd to have a conversation with, you know, relevant stakeholders within the Houston community about what the possible applications are of this program to their facilities or upcoming projects.  The new system much more specifically addresses the water use and energy use in a healthcare facility and achieve some of these credits or points, as they're often referred to in the system."

Lorenz is seeing more interest in green building in the past five years or so.  She says building green isn't an "add-on"...

"There's so much to do in construction.  They're so many different variables that you have to be taking into account at the same time.  They look at this green as an addition, but really it's just good sense building and good sense design.  At the end you have a more efficient product, you have a healthier building.  We're trying to anticipate and minimize or eliminate any mold and mildew concerns and exposure to chemicals that's really unnecessary in the building process."   

The LEED for Healthcare seminar is set for this morning at 11 at Hilton Garden Inn on Sage Road. 

Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.

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