Sand Returns to Sylvan Beach

La Porte's Sylvan Beach is a beach in name only. Over many years the sand has eroded way. Rod Rice reports that the work is underway to bring sand back to the historic beach.

A failing bulkhead and rock rubble make the beach almost impossible and certainly dangerous for anyone to use, a far cry from the huge crowds that used to gather there a hundred years ago in Sylvan Beach's heyday.

Now a 3.5-million dollar Texas General Land Office beach restoration project is underway to revive one of Galveston bay's historic gems.

Work has begun to remove the bulkhead and the rubble.  The General Land Office's Jim Suydam says the next step will be to stabilize the area and prevent erosion.

"Then we'll build two big, what's called a groin. It's a big jetty that comes out to protect the beaches that we'll basically truck in. We'll build two pocket beaches that will be about 500-feet long each."

And not just any sand will do.  According to Suydam a staff of coastal geologists specialize in coastal beach sand.

"The quality of the sand you put on the beach is very important. If there's too much clay in the sand it turns to hard concrete.  And, if it's too loose, too thick of a granule, then it's not a quality beach."

Suydam says when the work is complete this fall Sylvan Beach will once again attract visitors and provide an economic boost to the local economy.

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