Wednesday AM April 22nd, 2009

A new survey shows the majority of administrative professionals would prefer recognition for a job well-done and even a simple thank-you to promotions or other job incentives. Jack Williams reports.
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The survey by OfficeTeam, a temporary job placement service for administrative professionals, shows what bosses think their assistants want is not necessarily in-line with reality. Adrienne Keally is a branch manager for OfficeTeam here in Houston.

"The biggest thing is they want to know that their work is valued, that what they do everyday is valued and appreciated and recognized by the people that they do it for, is probably the biggest reason why the in-person thank-you's and sharing their achievements is so important to them."

Keally says recognition is an effective and inexpensive way to create better workplace moral and keep administrative professionals happy.

"When a manager has an opportunity to express their appreciation for the administrative professionals, they should take that opportunity to do so, if the administrative professional has done a great job at something they've been asked to do."

The OfficeTeam survey included responses from 549 administrative professionals. 

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