Passport Day in the USA

On June 1st you will need a passport, passport card or other U.S. government approved travel documents to enter the U.S. from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda. This means there will soon be a rush to get passports and passport cards. Rod Rice reports.

In order to encourage you not to wait until the last minute to apply for a passport, the US Postal Service is holding a Passport Day on Saturday. This is the post office's Dave Lewin.

"On Saturday we'll have extras people, extra staff and we'll be working a few extra hours at nine of our locations around town.  We actually 88 post offices in the greater Houston area that do passport applications. If you are looking at determining which one is closest to you just go to, put in your zip code and that information will come right back to you."

The post office is doing this now because as the deadline approaches there is likely to be a flood of applications that could slow down the processing time.

"Right now things are looking really well, the normal process, we're talking about four weeks. So, with that June 1st deadline approaching now is an excellent time to get that business taken care of."

Lewin says if you download the application ahead of time it will speed up the process once you get to a post office. You'll find links to do that and answer other passport questions at Travel.State.Gov/passport.  You will also find the list of Passport Day post offices there.

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