An IRS Deadline Looms for 2005 Refunds

April 15th is the deadline to file your 2008 federal income tax, but it is also a date that could cost you an IRS refund from 2005. Rod Rice reports.

"We have roughly $150-million waiting for 103-thousand Texans."

The IRS's Lea Crusberg says that is refund money due to people who did not file a 2005 federal income tax return. And we're talking about a nice piece of change.

"The average refund here in Texas for these folks is $624.00."

But to collect it, your 2005 return must be filed by April 15th.

"The law provides tax years with a three year window of opportunity for claiming that refund, and again, you know, if it's not filed by April 15th, 2009, then that money does becomes the property of the U.S. treasury."

Crusberg says a lot of people may not have made enough money to pay taxes, but none-the-less had taxes withheld. The only to get the refund is to file a return. Again we're talking about 2005 taxes.

"Individuals who haven't filed that 2005 return, if they need tax forms and instructions from that year they can go to irs-dot-gov or they can call 800-tax-form."

That's irs-dot-gov or 800-tax-form.


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