Violent Crimes Up, Non-Violent Crimes Down

Last year in Houston property crimes dropped significantly compared to 2007, however that is offset by an increase in some violent crimes. Rod Rice reports.

Police Chief Harold Hurtt says murders and robberies were down while rapes and aggravated assaults increased.

"Murder was down 16.4%, rape up 8.1%, robbery down 7.6%, aggravated assault up 9.1%, total violent crime increased 0.9%."

Captain Mark Eisenmann is an HPD crime analyst. He says while rape was up 8% in 2008, the increase is not as sharp when compared to trends over the last five years. As far as the 9% hike in aggravated assault.

"54% of that increaser is domestic violence itself, so we're concerned about domestic violence issues and are certainly going to attack those issues in the coming year."

Chief Hurtt says the news on non-violent crime is much better overall.

"Burglaries are down 7.2%, thefts down 8.3%, auto thefts down 21.8%, overall non-violent crime down 10.2%."

Chief Hurtt says considering the staffing problems and Hurricane Ike, he thinks officers deserve credit for the overall decline in crime.

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