Deadline Near for Ike Disaster Assistance

Another week, another deadline. This one is for people with property damage from Hurricane Ike. December 12th , a week from tomorrow, is the deadline to apply for disaster assistance from FEMA. Jim Bell reports.
The Harris County Housing Authority is FEMA's local coordinating agency, and Authority Director Guy Rankin says people who don't apply for assistance could lose out on some important benefits.

"If your insurance company has not come out and checked your home or your business, and they haven't done an assessment, then you may be eligible for the federal government, through the state, to assist you in rebuilding your home, or your property, or your business."

Rankin says Small Business Administration loans are available, and they're not just for businesses.

"You may receive up to a 40 thousand dollar loan if you live in an apartment and all of your valuables have been lost. This can help you bridge the gap to self-sufficiency."

Rankin says his agency has created a video to educate people about the hurricane relief process.

"We put together a 12 minute video that answers all of the questions that people ask over and over again. And it tells the real life story of what people are going through, and it also tells you how to manage the bureaucracy."

You can watch that video on the housing authority website.

Jim Bell, KUHF, Houston Public Radio News.