HISD Expands Effort Towards Dropouts

HISD wants to expand its effort to get more dropouts back in school. Rod Rice reports the Houston School District is looking for more volunteers for its annual dropout walk. HISD wants to expand its effort to get more dropouts back in school.

The Reach Out to Dropouts Walk will be on Saturday September 6th.  Last year there were twelve-hundred volunteers. This year HISD wants to almost double that number.

"We have twenty-three participating high school and our goal is to have a total of two-thousand-three-hundred volunteers, which would be an average of a hundred per high school."

HISD'S Mark White says anyone can be a volunteer.

"People who have a relationship with the school are always great candidates, whether they live in the neighborhood or they have children who attend that school, or even if their company is involved with that school as well."

White says volunteers who have not done the dropout walk before will get some training before being assigned to a team.

"Typically the team has three or four people on it. One of those people is always an HISD employee."

Last year's effort had more than 700 dropouts return to school.

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