First Graders Say 'Yeah' About Healthy Living

The Oliver Foundation wants kids to make healthy choices for life. Rod Rice reports the foundation's Teen Advisory Board delivered that message to about 600 first graders today.
The kids were at the University of Houston to see a production of the original musical, "The Emperor's New Clothes, " part of The Children's Theatre Festival.  Just before the curtain went up members of YEAH, or Youth Excited About Health took a few minutes to remind the audience about The Oliver Foundation's seven health choices.

Just to make sure the message sank in Parker Kink had the kids repeat them, starting with: 'Five a day servings of fruits and vegetables'.

"Five a day."  "Five a day."
"More water."  "More water."
"Healthy snacks."  "Healthy snacks."
"Active play."  "Active play."
"Three a day dairy."  "Three a day dairy."
"Healthy breakfast."  "Healthy breakfast."
"Smart portion sizes."  "Smart portion sizes."
Great, we knew this was a smart group."

Each of the kids got a hand out with a list of the healthy choices at the end of the musical.

Parker Kirk says the idea is to get kids thinking about a healthy lifestyle early on even though the decisions of their parents play a role in healthy decisions now.

"But as they get older they start making these decisions on their own and if it isn't set in their mind early on that a healthy life style is extremely important, then they are not going to live it as they grow."

Before the kids arrived the Oliver Foundation presented a check for sixty-five hundred dollars to the University of Houston Children's Theater Festival.


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