Yao Launches Charity, Will Help Quake Victims

Houston Rockets center Yao Ming has launched a foundation to help rebuild schools in earthquake-ravaged China and he's donated $2 million to get the process started.
Yao, one of China's biggest sports stars, says he's honored to help the recovery.

image of speaker, click here for audio"This earthquake is the worst in history and right now, the rebuilding will take 10 years. Right now we want to help with as much money as we can."

185 schools and 8000 classrooms were destroyed in the earthquake last month. Houston Mayor Bill White says Yao is the perfect ambassador to lead the fund-raising effort.

image of speaker, click here for audio"For many of us, Yao epitomizes integrity and a good work-ethic which is something that we all celebrate. Someone who is short on words and long on performance, and I do mean long on performance. And for those values we honor you and we believe that we trust you as custodians of our dollars."

You can find out more about the fundraising effort at The Yao Ming Foundation's website.
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