San Jacinto Day

It was 132 years ago today that General Sam Houston led the Texas Army against General Santa Ana's Mexican forces at the Battle of San Jacinto.
It was a pivotal moment in the Texas Revolution and led to the state's independence from Mexico. Today, hundreds turned-out at the San Jacinto Battleground in Deer Park to celebrate the anniversary.Park Superintendent Russ Kuykendall says it's an honor to commemorate the big day in Texas History.

"Texas has such a glorious past from the Texas Revolution roots of course up to the wild west and the big frontier, westward expansion and so forth. To think that much of that originated here at the birthplace of Texas at San Jacinto Battlefield is just something that enriches our heritage and I think we pay respect to all of those that participated in this event that we call the Texas Revolution and especially this crowning battle at San Jacinto."

The Battle of San Jacinto lasted only 18 minutes. More than 600 Mexican soldiers were killed in the fighting. The 570-foot tall San Jacinto Monument now marks the battleground, about 25 miles east of downtown Houston.
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